5 foods that produce gastritis

The gastritis It is an inflammatory disease caused by the weakening of the stomach layer. Regular use of certain pain medications, excessive alcoholic or carbonated beverages, and unhealthy habits generate gastritis .


Foods that cause gastritis


According to the University of Maryland, Medical Center, There are different factors such as stress , age, anxiety or unhealthy habits that generate gastritis . That's why we present the five foods they produce gastritis :

1. Acidic foods such as lemon. Excessive consumption of these foods can irritate the stomach.


2. Spicy foods We know well that Mexicans have a special taste for this type of food, but it is advisable not to abuse their consumption.


3. Reduce or eliminate trans fatty acids. S They are found in commercial baked goods, such as sweet and salted cookies, cakes, potato chips, onion rings, donuts, processed foods and margarines.


4. Avoid refined foods. Some are white bread, pasta and sugar.


5. Moderates the consumption of beverages that can irritate the lining of the stomach or increase the production of acid such as coffee (with or without caffeine), alcohol and carbonated beverages.

Make changes in lifestyle, such as avoiding prolonged use of alcohol, coffee and drugs, can help prevent gastritis and its complications (such as a peptic ulcer). Stress reduction through relaxation techniques - such as yoga, tai chi and meditation - can also be useful. Remember that Unhealthy habits generate gastritis . What do you think?

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