3 worst diets of 2014

A new year corresponds to the restructuring of the objectives and goals that we propose to achieve. And one of the most common purposes is to lose weight, but how to do it?


There are a large number of products and diets, which may or may not help you reach your goal. Avoid wasting your time and know the three worst diets of 2014 .


Do not waste your time!


Every year the publication U.S News & World Report , with the support of experts evaluate the most "popular" diets, to know their results. We share you the diets of 2014 with less positive results:


1. Paleo diet. A diet which was very popular in the 70s, has now been positioned in the last places.


The Paleo or Paleolithic diet, which requires eating as "hunters and gatherers", consume a large amount of proteins and animal products, avoiding sugars, cereals, legumes and dairy products altogether.


2. Alkaline acid diet . The portal recommends considering a diet different from this one, since according to the experts:


"It is likely that this diet contributes to weight loss, but not because of the effects of acid / alkaline," said an expert. "This is not a diet to lose weight."


3. Glycemic index diet . There is not much potential as a diet to lose weight, according to experts.


Its premise of favoring "good" carbohydrates over "bad" carbohydrates lacks scientific value, which causes that the people that realize this diet do not have a sufficient orientation on this one.

What to do to lose weight?


According to National Heart, Lung, and Blood Intitute The success of losing weight is to set a goal and make changes in lifestyle, such as consuming fewer calories and staying active. We share some of your tips:


Take your time. The best way to lose weight is to do it slowly. Drop one or two kilos per week, it is possible to do so, you do not put your health at risk and you avoid gaining weight.


Adopt healthy habits A balanced diet and physical activity are essential to lose weight.


Measure yourself . Do not put your health in danger, consume between 1,000 and 1,500 calories a day will help you achieve your goal in a healthy way.


It does not matter how effective the diets of 2014 , the important thing is to take care of your health in a responsible way. Follow those tips and you will soon see the results. Beware!

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