4 tips to choose multigrain food

The multigrain food are those that are composed of different whole grains, which can be previously refined.


The Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition recommends a daily consumption of whole grains, 20 or 30 grams per day, as it helps regulate blood sugar levels due to its high percentage of fiber.


4 tips to choose multigrain food


In the market there are many multigrain food like cereal Special K Multigrain , which contains 80% more fiber compared to its original version.


But, how to choose the right product? The Harvard University list a series of recommendations, and here we share them:


1. Integral grain Choose products that contain 100% whole grain, at least three grams of fiber and less than 5 grams of sugar per serving.


2. Ingredients. Try to contain grains such as wheat, barley, oats, rye, corn.


3. Multigrain is not everything. Sometimes you will find foods that can be called "multigrain", but do not contain any whole grain, which is not effective for health.


4. Sugar. There are many ways to hide sugar in cereals, flavored yogurt, cookies, cereal bars and other packaged foods.


To obtain better results, choose foods that do not contain sugar as one of the first three ingredients, and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, thus obtaining a greater amount of fiber.How much fiber do you consume per day?

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