1. Stress

Maybe your love relationship is very good and both love each other too much, but there will be times when you ask why your partner does not touch you .

A study conducted by the Dr. Ana Alexandra Carvalheira , President of the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology , indicates that work fatigue and economic situation are triggers that influence the sexual desire of men.

However, there are other factors why your partner does not have the desire to even touch you and are the following:


1. Stress

It is a reality that the pressure that your partner is going through will influence the desire he feels towards you, because his thoughts are directed towards other concerns that are a priority for him.


2. Fear

Maybe you are dating someone who has loved you for a long time and has a great appreciation for you, but you are afraid to make some mistake in your privacy and lose yourself for that reason.


3. Distrust

Like fear, the insecurity of not satisfying yourself can lead your partner to not try to touch you or pretend a more intimate moment.

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