Sequelae for your health

The junk food It is characterized by providing an incomparable flavor for the palate, which makes you want more and more its consumption.


However, this type of food, lacking vitamins and nutrients, favors the development of diseases, which put at risk the lives of the people who consume it. Discover it


Sequelae for your health


The high content of sugars, calories, flavors, and fats contained in the junk food , impact on your health, so we share five consequences for overeating junk food.


1. Psychological problems. The consumption of sugars, flavors and fats can trigger conditions such as attention deficit, anxiety, individualism, lack of communication and frustration in children .


According to the Organization of Consumer Power, Children who eat fast food have manifested greater emotional instability and changes in their psychology.


2. Premature aging. The director of Gold's Gym , says that the consumption of junk food It corresponds to one of the main causes of premature aging, because your dermis is not oxygenated correctly by the saturation of fats and artificial flavors.


3. Addiction. The Scripps Research Institute in Florida established that consume in large quantities junk food stimulates the "pleasure center of the brain", which generates compulsive behaviors and effects in the brain as caused by drug use.


4. Death . Researchers of the School of Public Health they found that people who consume junk food , even once a week, increases the risk of dying from coronary heart disease by 20%


5. Extreme sadness An investigation The Public Hearth Nutrition , points out that people who have a habit of eating junk food are 51% more likely to develop depression.


But why is eating junk so common? According to the survey "Mexico: Food habits and junk food" , of Consulta Mitofsky , 48% of Mexicans consider that eating healthy costs expensive.


A healthy diet helps you avoid the development of diseases, which can be more expensive. Take care of your health and avoid the consumption of junk food.