It can cause heart failure

Water is responsible for many processes in the body, such as assimilation, intestinal and digestive regulation, control of body temperature, elimination of toxins via the kidneys, hydration of mucous membranes, among other functions, making it vital, however Drinking excess water can have serious consequences.

In addition to dehydration, there are other conditions related to drinking excess water, such as anemia and fibromyalgia, as explained by the surgeon and homeopath David Duarte, in the program Vida y hogar de Cadena3 , in the following video:

It can cause heart failure

In an interview with GetQoralHealth, Dr. Gerardo Rodríguez Diez, member of the Mexican Society of Electrophysiology and Cardiac Stimulation explains that one of the possible consequences of drinking excess water is a heart failure, due to the loss of electrolytes and minerals, such as potassium and sodium.

Drinking excess water, in addition to other factors, can cause electrical disturbances of the heart, which refers to conductivity, causing heart rate changes, arrhythmias and tachycardia.

Therefore, in addition to only drinking the necessary water when we feel thirsty, explains Rodríguez Diez, some drinks and foods rich in mineral salts should be included to help achieve balance in the body.

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Replace lost minerals

An alternative is to drink seawater , when there is a severe case of dehydration and malnutrition from drinking excess water, because it contains numerous minerals with known antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects, such as selenium, silicon or zinc, according to researchers at the University of Alicante, Spain.

In this sense, according to a study of the University of Miami , United States, the seawater It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects, which can be a good alternative to conditions such as anemia and cancer.

Video Medicine: Common Causes of Heart Failure | Nucleus Health (May 2022).