How good is it to shut up?

"Between friends there are no secrets", will it be? The honesty, with oneself and with the other, it is essential not only to establish a relationship, but so that it grows and has a future. However, what to do with truths that can put at risk the affection and trust ; example, discover the partner of your "best friend" being unfaithful.


When discovering a fact like this one experiences a bombardment of emotions; where there is anger, frustration and anger towards our friend's partner, and at the same time it also feels sadness and anguish . Confusion appears because you do not know which will be the most appropriate decision, if you tell it or keep it quiet, "he explains. GetQoralHealth, Fanny Franco, graduate in psychology.


How good is it to shut up?

Fanny points out that, in these cases, it is important to understand that a relationship is two people, and a third must not have a place. Since you are not in the shoes of any of those involved to know or understand why they have made the decision.

However, if you are not sure what to do, the expert gives 4 keys to handle this problem.

1. Make sure it is true and that infidelity is still happening. Since many times things are not what they seem.

2. Evaluate if you want to tell them or prefer to save what you discovered. And without falling into the stereotype of a good "friend" you should turn to see what is more favorable for your friend and not for you. Sometimes and often human beings make mistakes, and nobody is the one to judge or qualify this situation.

3. Since you are sure that infidelity is really happening, and you decide to talk with your friend. You must be aware that she will have the decision to believe you or not what you say. Your friend can take the decision of not believing and your role will not be to convince her, only to transmit the information, but she will decide what she does with it.

4. You have to be fair. This means that you do not put more anger or reactions that do not correspond to you.

Remember, and try not to forget it: it is not your relationship and you can not do anything to solve it. You only have to evaluate if it is favorable to tell your friend or not.

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