5 tips for traveling insurance

In your next vacation do not forget to take care of every detail so that you enjoy them to the maximum and you can eliminate the stress daily. To prevent accidents, you must take into account all the inconveniences that may arise before, during and after the trip.

The specialists of Angeles Hospitals give you these five tips so you can enjoy a trip without health problems:

1.- Visit to the doctor : People who suffer diabetes , heart problems, and hypertension or women pregnant They must visit their specialist to assess the conditions of their health status and if they are fit to travel.

2.- Use comfortable clothes : Wear clothes that are appropriate to the climate in which you will travel and light that avoid inflammation ; Wear shoes that do not hurt you or get blisters.

3.- Travel in good physical condition : Avoid driving tired or in a state of drunkenness and make stops to avoid muscle discomfort. Do not overload the stomach.

4.- Respect travel rules : Take into account the traffic signals, do not go to speeding; use travel chairs for children and always wear a seat belt when you travel by road.

5.- Build a first aid kit : It is essential that you carry the medication or first aid material necessary for any emergency as anti-flu, analgesics, pills against dizziness , antiseptic, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, adhesive bands, bandages, cotton, gauze, gloves, scissors and adhesive cloth.

Remember that if someone in your family feels bad, you should consult your doctor by phone or go to a nearby specialist, to avoid self-medication.


Accident data in Latin America

According to information published by the excelsior.com.mx , about six thousand 500 minors under 14 years of age die each year in traffic accidents in Latin America, due to the lack of use of the infant seat and the safety belt.

The deputy director of security of the Mapfre Foundation, the Spanish Agustín Galdón, said that the average in Latin America is 41 deaths of minors in traffic accidents for every one million inhabitants.

The regional rate is almost four times higher than the average in Europe where there are 11 deaths of children under 14 years of age per million people. Agustín Galdón commented that the use of security measures can reduce between 50 and 90% the possibility of serious or fatal injuries in minors.

If you respect the security measures during the trip and take into account the recommendations to improve your Health , sure you will have a happy and restorative holiday. And you, how do you prepare for a trip?

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