You also feel pain

See a person sneezing or with chickenpox rash, or some other disease very obvious, even only in photography, can cause rapid changes in your immune system .

Researchers of the University of British Columbia affirm that when seeing a sick person the immune system releases large amounts of interleukin-6. A cytokine for antibodies, which start at defend the organism against the possibility that what he sees happens to him.


It makes evolutionary sense that the immune system responds aggressively only when it is really necessary. If you see a group of sick people, maybe a big infection is around, and it's best to put it at full speed, "he says. Mark Schaller , co-author of the study.


You also feel pain

On their part, experts from University College London explain that a brain "anomaly" can make certain people feel the pain of others just to see them suffer.


We often shudder when we see someone hit their arm, and that could be a weaker version of what people with this anomaly experience, "he says. Jamie Ward , from the Department of Psychology of the University.

The condition known as stouch-mirror inestasia is related to the activity of the mirror neurons , a group of cells that allow you to mentally mimic the movements of other people and be empathic, even before the pain who feel if they are sick.

Based on these explanations, maybe see sick people can be beneficial for you organism , since on the one hand you activate your immune system helping you to prevent certain ailments. And on the other, you are more empathetic to the pain of others.

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