Ischemic heart disease is the cause of heart attacks

Among the leading causes of death in women are breast cancer and the cervical cancer , but the ischemic heart disease It is a condition that mainly attacks Mexicans over 50 years of age, which means that there is no adequate blood flow through arteries (responsible for providing blood to the heart muscle or myocardium ), which produces a heart attack .

According to the cardiologist Héctor Fernández , one in three women dies for some cardiovascular disease , while one in 30 dies because of Cancer , published the portal

The stress increases cardiac risk in women, specifically in those whose work involves too much pressure. In Mexico, three out of four women reported feeling stressed most of the time. This causes the risk to suffer heart attacks increase.

Discover the symptomatology

  1. Shortness of breath (which can be confused with asthma )
  2. Nausea and heartburn or upset stomach
  3. Back pain between the clavicles
  4. Chest pain
  5. Tingling in the arms

The specialists assure that the prevention to avoid cardiovascular risks is indispensable, so it is recommended to review blood pressure , ÍBody Mass Index (BMI) Y lipid profile , as well as knowing the acceptable ranges of each of them.

Other recommendations are: avoid the tobacco , monitor the hypertension and the diabetes , follow one diet low in cholesterol Y grease, and achieve an ideal body weight.

Check yourself and expect a cardiovascular problem!