Eyeglasses to cure color blindness?

Figures of the Mexican Social Security Institute They point out that there are around two million men and 50 thousand women in the country who suffer from color blindness. A genetic disease that affects the way individuals perceive colors, especially red, green, blue, and yellow.

It is a predominantly male disease, which affects one in 10 men and prevents the sufferer from combining the colors. It hinders aspects as everyday as the choice of food or driving.

Not being able to distinguish clearly the pigmentation of the objects brings to the patients of color blindness negative repercussions in their social, emotional and professional development. However, today it is possible that there is, through glasses, a cure for dichromatic color blindness.

Designed by the theoretical neurobiologist Mark Changizi and based on Oxy-Iso lenses, have been created to detect bruises or veins difficult to see with the naked eye. These glasses could serve to improve the perception of green and red colors.

Glasses with Oxy-Iso filters allow you to enhance the specific areas in which color blind people can not perceive red and green colors.

Although these lenses were not specially designed to combat color blindness, Changizi suggests that they can be an easy-to-use instrument that can help improve the lives of these patients.

The invention was put to the test by the expert Daniel Bor who suffers from this disease and works in the Center for Knowledge Sackler of the University of Sussex In England.

The neuroscientist underwent the test called Ishihara letters, which is used to diagnose this disease. Although the examination showed that patients could have a great improvement using the lenses, there are still some disadvantages; example the yellow color, which appears very soft, almost imperceptible.

Video Medicine: Do Those Glasses Really Fix Colorblindness? (April 2023).