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You look for the right occasion ...

Do not know how to use your sex toys or just do not see the right occasion? We reveal 3 postures in which you can use your sex toys in a pleasant way. Do not wait for the occasion, create the moment through which you can use your sex toy. Read More

5 keys to create your sexual position

Follow some tips to create your own sexual positions and improve your relationship. Use your imagination and create sexual postures to intensify orgasms. By inventing your sexual positions you can improve your orgasms. Read More

5 sexual positions with a twist!

Meet 5 innovative sexual positions and improve your sex life in a pleasant way. Turn on the passion and desire of your partner with some innovative sexual positions. Turn your sexuality around with these sexual positions, you will love it. Read More

Recover your energy in a pleasant way!

How to overcome sexual fatigue? Know 5 sexual positions to achieve it. Did sexual fatigue take over your intimate life? Discover how to overcome sexual fatigue. With sexual postures you will end sexual fatigue and improve your intimate life. Read More

5 postures for the first time

Know the sexual positions for the first time and enjoy your experience. Reduce the stress of the encounter with these postures for the first time. Nervous about your first encounter? Relax and enjoy the moment with these postures for the first time. Read More

5 quick sex postures

Have you ever felt the adrenaline that is experienced with fast sex? That feeling makes your passion rise to the maximum and enjoy a great sexual encounter with your partner. Read More

5 uncommon sexual postures

The routine or monotony is the main enemy of a relationship, so always try to innovate your intimacy with ideas, games, toys or sexual postures that elevate pleasure and create emotional bonds between you. Read More

5 exciting positions for them

Do you want to become a good lover? You just have to know or discover your partner's erogenous zones and use key sexual postures like the following so that she experiences great pleasure during orgasms, according to iVillage. Read More

5 sexual techniques for Christmas

Learn how to improve your sex life and enjoy every minute you spend with your partner. If you are already bored of your intimacy, when you discover how to improve your sex life with these tips you will elevate the pleasure. Read More

1. Lubrication

One of the most recurrent fantasies that both women and men have is to have sex in the water, especially certain scenarios such as in the sea, in the pool, in a jacuzzi, and even in the tub or shower Read More

Have fun with your partner on the couch

Bored of the same postures or the environment? Increase the adrenaline in your relationship and enjoy other scenarios different from the bedroom, where you put to test your skills and imagination to get a great level of pleasure. Read More