Diego Fernández with possible Stockholm syndrome

Isabel Miranda de Wallace I declare that Diego Fernández de Ceballos could be presenting symptoms of Stockholm syndrome after the recent return after his kidnapping, publishes the newspaper Reforma.

"The problem is that we are getting used to mistreat to our hostages and we still thank them for returning them to us. I do believe that this can undoubtedly be part of the 'Stockholm Syndrome', "said Wallace.

The Stockholm syndrome It is a psychological condition experienced by people who have been kidnapped. They develop a emotional tie with their captors and exhibit an attitude similar to gratitude, even though they were threatened and abused.

Various analyzes indicate that the emotional attachment of the victim towards the abuser is a survival strategy in victims who faced intimidation and abuse, publishes the portal www.mental-health-matters.com

The Stockholm syndrome can also be found in family relationships, romantic or interpersonal . The abuser may be a husband or wife, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a father or a mother or any other role where one person has the position of power and control over the other.

Although symptom have not been specifically established, some symptoms of the condition can be:

  • Positive feelings of the victim toward the abuser / controller
  • Negative feelings of the victim towards his family, friends or authorities who try to rescue him or help him in the process of assimilation.
  • Support for causes and reasons for kidnapping by the victim
  • Support to the abuser
  • He has no ability to engage in behaviors that can assist the authorities in capturing the controller or making him emotionally detach from him.

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