Collective sadness ...

The explosion of a gas pipe that caused the collapse of the Maternal and Child Hospital in Cuajimalpa leaves seven people dead and at least 54 injured.

With this situation it is very clear to identify how pain overcomes the tragedy, so it is necessary to live the mourning in all its expression and reflect all the emotions that are experienced at that time.


Collective sadness ...

The Head of Government of the Federal District , Miguel Ángel Mancera , reported that two men and one woman died, while the head of the delegation, Adrián Rubalcava, confirmed that there are seven victims.

For its part, the owner of the Secretary of Civil Protection of the Federal District , Fausto Lugo , and the Attorney General's Office of the Federal District (PGJDF ) noted that they are four babies and three adults. The capital president said that emergency bodies and rescue teams are focused on the removal of debris, to search for more possible victims.


The accident occurred around 7:13 am, while a pipe from the Gas Express Nieto company I was refueling the hospital, when a hose burst and an explosion occurred.

In the place are the Head of Government of the DF , Miguel Ángel Mancera , the owner of the Cuajimalpa delegation , Adrían Rubalcava , as well as the holders of Civil protection , of the Ministry of Public Security of the Federal District and of the Attorney General's Office of the Capital .

Elements of the Gendarmerie , firefighters , Civil protection Y rescuers with the help of dogs They work in the removal of debris and the care of injured people.


The capital authorities are present to address the seriousness of the problem!

- Adrián Rubalcava (@AdrianRubalcava) January 29, 2015


A Webcamsdemexico camera, located in the Tarre Latino, captured the moment of the explosion.

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