10 foods you should avoid in your refrigerator

One of the main obstacles when we try to eat healthily or when dieting to lose weight is that, because of hunger, we tend to eat out of anxiety and we resort to devouring the first thing we find in the refrigerator.

Ideally, these attacks of eating anxiety, according to the portal healthyeating .com, is to resort to natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, yogurts, cheeses, diet desserts, dietary gelatins and waters or juices without sugar, among others, which you must keep in your refrigerator.

On the contrary, you should avoid all those foods that have a high caloric content, as well as fats and sugars, because they are the main cause of overweight and obesity.

Therefore, we present the 10 worst foods that you should keep in your refrigerator, according to information in NY Dailynews .

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