What muscles improve your body stability?

Exercises for the abdomen should be basic in your training routine because they tone the muscles that help you carry out all your activities and maintain good body stability, according to specialists from Mayo Clinic .

Therefore, exclusively for GetQoralHealth, Salvador Garayzar , Sport City functional training specialist , teaches you some exercises for the abdomen that will make you burn fat and strengthen your core in a short time:

For their part, the specialists of Mayo Clinic , they detail that the exercises for the abdomen allow you to have a greater balance of the body, because they tone the abdominal muscles, the hip, the pelvis and lower back.

In addition, these movements are so simple that they do not require anything specific, however, you can enrich them with tools such as bosu, balls or a simple mat.

Exercising your mid-body area facilitates the performance of any physical activity, since the basis of any movement is the abdomen.

You do not need to perform movements for more than an hour to stimulate the development of the musculature, since with some sessions you can tone this part of the body.

Do not forget that the secret to maintaining a slim and strong body is the combination of exercise with a balanced diet and good hydration before, during and after training. Get active and enjoy a better quality of life!

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