Moderate your salt intake and improve your health!

Do you like to feel the salty taste in your food? Be careful! Excessive salt consumption directly impacts the body, making it one of the main triggers of diseases that can cause death.

According to a study of the University of California at San Francisco , published in the magazine Hypertension, reduce the consumption of salt to recommended levels, that is to say 6 grams or a teaspoon a day, would save the life of more than 500 thousand lives in 10 years, in the United States.

The researchers detail that processed foods are those that have more sodium levels, so it is recommended to reduce the intake to avoid diseases that reduce the quality of life of people.


Moderate your salt intake and improve your health!

Among the main conditions that develop with excessive sodium intake are:


  1. Osteoporosis: A study of University of Alberta, Canada , points out that the consumption of salt in excess increases the loss of calcium in the urine, which generates a demineralization of the bones.

  2. Stomach cancer: A study ofl World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) stresses that limiting the consumption of this mineral would prevent one in seven cases of this neoplasm. Every year there are 980 thousand cases of this disease worldwide.
  3. Asthma: A study conducted in the Leicester Hospital He details that the symptoms that asthma generates are worse in people with this disease. Another study reveals that there is a relationship between the consumption of table salt and mortality from asthma in men and boys, according to information published in

  4. Stroke: Elderly people who exceed the recommended dose of salt are three times more at risk of suffering a stroke, according to an investigation of the University of Warwick, in the United Kingdom .
  5. Heart attack: The British organization Blood Pressure stresses that there is salt consumption increases blood pressure, so getting more blood to the heart can cause angina, which can eventually cause a heart attack.

For you to enjoy good health and prevent this type of diseases, the Texas Heart Institute recommends you limit the consumption of potato chips, avoid the use of salty seasonings, replace the sodium with herbs or spices, read the labels.

As well as preparing the food with half the recommended salt, rinse the canned products and choose foods reduced in sodium. And you, how do you rate your daily salt intake?

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