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These are its effects:

This plant has positioned itself as one of the key ingredients of different home remedies for medicine and beauty. But there is a secret to enhance its properties: freeze it. All you have to do is cut the sheet, extract the gel and put it in the refrigerator in an ice mold. These are its effects: Varicose veins Read More

Turmeric and olive oil

Yes, the growth of bone at the base of the "fat" finger can be very painful, and although it is essential to go with the podiatrist to receive treatment, there are natural remedies to reduce discomfort. According to Mayo Clinic specialists, there are several risk factors for its appearance such as foot injuries, genetics, congenital malformations, rheumatoid arthritis and the use of heels. Read More

Remedy 1

In cold weather, it is common to get more sick, so it is important that you arm yourself with your "protective shield" and apply yourself fully with these home remedies that will elevate your defenses effectively. Take note. Remedy 1 Mix the juice of a carrot with the juice of two oranges and blend. Remedy 2 Read More


Yes, those that can not be expelled, through belching or flatulence, are stored in the stomach and intestine and cause the dreaded swelling. All a nightmare! The good news is that there are certain tips with which you will eliminate them. Massage Read More

Strengthen your nails

The next time you prepare an egg, do not throw the shell! Better take advantage of them and be surprised by their benefits ... Strengthen your nails If you fight because they are brittle, crush the shell until it is powdered and add it to your enamels. Each time you paint them, you will strengthen them and, in turn, favor their growth. Combo! Remedy against cough Read More

You will relax

In addition to helping you control respiratory diseases, relieve stomach aches, be antioxidant, antiseptic, among others; This citrus can become your best "companion" at night. Put a slice on a plate, place it next to your bed and enjoy these effects: You will relax. We all yearn to go to bed free from stress and worries. Smelling lemon reassures you and reduces your anxiety levels. No more pickets Read More

White teeth

Is one of your favorite fruits the banana? It is undeniable that it is delicious and nutritious, but think twice before throwing the shell in the trash, it has more uses than you think ... Read More

Home remedy 1

Exposure to the sun, dead skin cells, use of rings, dirt, dehydration, certain habits such as smoking, among others, are factors that can alter the tone of the knuckles of the feet and hands. This hyperpigmentation, caused by the increase in melanin, can be clarified with these three natural remedies that you can prepare at home ... Take note. Home Remedy 1 Ingredients Read More

Ways to relieve cough

The cough is always annoying and uncomfortable, however, being sick has the function of cleaning our body by expelling secretions and other particles. Read More

Honey syrup with lemon

If the flu attacked you and you want to cure it without medication, this information interests you. Thanks to the properties of certain herbs and foods, it is possible to effectively fight the flu without the need to resort to drugs. Read More

How to uncover the ears naturally?

Two of the main reasons why our ears are covered are water and the wax that accumulates in them, as a measure of protection. Sometimes it can be very annoying. Therefore, we will show you how to unclog the ears naturally. Read More

This is the best trick to combat sprain pain

If you have suffered any, you will know perfectly well that the pain it causes is unbearable. But, would you have imagined that it is possible to relieve it with a sock? In fact one of the remedies to cure a sprain faster is to apply hot fomentations with either these sachets filled with hot seeds or water-filled pillies. But, if you do not have one of these bags and you need to calm the pain of a sprain, I have a super tip: a sock with rice. Read More

Why on the feet?

Sleeping with an onion on your feet is not an esoteric ritual, but a trick to improve your health. Make it a habit before going to bed and enjoy the pros in your well-being ... According to the Agri-Food Technological Institute of Spain, onion is a wonderful anti-flu and a great ally to improve the immune system. Read More

Homemade mask to remove skin blemishes

Prolonged exposure to the sun, a bad diet, hormonal imbalances, certain medications, age, among other factors, can cause spots on our skin. But how would you know that you can eliminate them with a homemade and cheap remedy? Take note. If you are looking for a unified and shiny skin, this mask to eliminate stains will enchant you. You only need 1 beet, wheat flour, honey and the juice of a lemon. Read More


Some people are more sensitive than others to blows. We have all suffered them sometimes and the reaction of our body is different, for example, the bruises, which are marks under the skin as a result of injury, some are more bulky than others and the first thing we want is to eliminate them, that there are home remedies to remove bruises. Read More

If the cold raged ... Here are some home remedies!

So that the cough dry or with phlegm does not interrupt that important meeting or appointment, the pharmacists offer us a great diversity of syrups and pills; but, before "running" for them, why not try these home remedies for coughs and, best of all, for bronchitis. Read More

Home remedy

With the sudden changes in climate, many of us are "prisoners" of the feared flu. If this is your case and you do not know what to do to stop the runny nose and sneezing, try this natural remedy with an express effect. Homemade Remedy Ingredients: - 1/2 clove of garlic - Juice of 1 lemon - 1 1/2 teaspoon of honey - 1 cup of water Preparation Read More

Risks of using vinegar to treat a vaginal infection

Most of the women have had a vaginal infection and, therefore, we know that the discomfort can be insufferable. Such is the despair, that we do not limit ourselves when it comes to trying remedies to fight it. There is a myth that douching is beneficial for our vagina, and even more so when we have an infection. But the reality is different, because: They can cause complications related to pregnancy Read More