Learn more about alopecia

How to prevent baldness? According to a study of the University of Pennsylvania It suggests that baldness is caused by the increase of a protein that develops in the scalp of men, which would help to develop effective treatments to reduce alopecia.

In the research published in the journal Science Translational Medicine It is detailed that men in the hair follicles of men suffering from baldness are recorded high levels of the protein called prostaglandin D, which inhibits hair growth.

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Learn more about alopecia

In the next video of the program Our Day !, of CadenaTres , the dermatologist Javier Ruiz explains what is alopecia and gives you some treatment options to prevent its presence in men and women.


Discover if you will suffer from baldness!

Specialists of Mayo Clinic They detail that some risk factors to develop baldness or alopecia are:


  1. Family background. The risk increases when the maternal and paternal relatives have suffered from baldness. Even inheritance influences the age at which the hair falls, as well as the speed, shape and degree of baldness.
  2. Treatments for hair The excessive and inadequate use of hair products such as dyes, irons and dryers.
  3. Poor nutrition The minimum intake of foods with iron and protein affects hair growth.

In this way, if you want to have healthy hair and prevent the presence of baldness, keep healthy habits and avoid making very elaborate hairstyles or requiring pulls.

Also, go with a specialist when you think that hair loss is excessive. Finally, try to control stress with some relationship technique. And you, how do you prevent hair loss?

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