South Beach Diet fights obesity

The diet South Beach It was created by Dr. Arthur S. Agatston , in order to prevent diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

It is a diet that is based on the same principle of all low carb diets : simple carbohydrates affect the level of insulin in the blood and create a vicious circle that generates hunger and desire to consume more simple carbohydrates, so that people eat more and consequently gain weight.

The diet South Beach it is based on the glyceric index of each food. It is a diet low in refined carbohydrates that although limits or prohibits the use of certain foods allows variations.


Know it!

The diet has three phases. The first phase she is very strict; It lasts two weeks. They eat generous portions of protein, vegetables, healthy fats and carbohydrates with low glycemic index.

During this phase you do not eat breads, sugar, rice, nor do you eat fruits or fruit juices. You can eat meats, milk and low-fat derivatives and vegetables.

The second stage of the diet South Beach It is the diet that is followed until losing all the weight you want. During this phase you eat the previous and bread and whole grains. Portions tend to be girls but most people do not go hungry. It is not necessary to follow complicated recipes if the rules of the diet are observed.

The third phase of the South Beach diet, is the way you should eat almost all the time for the rest of your life if you wish. It is similar to the second phase but you eat more and you can eat more grains complex carbohydrates. If you notice that the weight increases you go back to phase two.



In this regard, Juan Carrillo Toscano, nutritionist and holder of the Nutrition Diploma of the UNAM, says that this diet, although it has some variants, is not balanced, because the daily intake of certain foods is restricted:

"If a diet limits or prohibits certain foods, it is not recommended. Ideally, there should be a balance of all the nutrients and that fewer calories should be ingested than those that are burned, to avoid obesity and overweight. "

Remember that the main thing is that you go with your nutritionist, to make a personalized assessment and recommend the best option for your body, in order to achieve the desired results.

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