They create corneas with stem cells

Recently, the transplant of cornea it was the only way to prevent a patient from permanently losing his sight, coupled with it, the long waiting line for a transplant and the shortage of donation of corneas the hope of regaining sight diminished.

However, the University of Gothenburg successfully carried out the cultivation of mother cells in corneas human resources, which in the long term can eliminate the need for donors cornea . Around 100,000 transplants of cornea They are carried out all over the world.

The Dr. Jorge L. García López explains in the following video what is a transplant of cornea :

When the cornea is damaged and patients begin to see cloudy, it is necessary to replace cornea for a new one so that the patient does not go blind. The serious problem is that there is very little material donated.

The specialists of the University of Gothenburg have taken the first step towards replacing corneas donated by corneas cultivated mother cells .

The study published in the magazine Acta Ophthalmologica , shows how mother cells human beings can become what is known as "epithelial cells ", what are the cells that maintain the transparency of cornea . The cultivation procedure of cornea with mother cells It lasts approximately 22 days.

This new finding is a great advance for science, since it establishes the possibility of using mother cells for the treatment of corneas damaged and in this way reduce the cases of blindness for lack of a transplant of cornea Donated

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