Rape on a date: When the fun stops

Rape means forcing someone to have sex. Naturally, this is considered a crime. What many do not know, however, is that we need to change our concept of rape. Some people still maintain the stereotypical idea of ​​rape in their minds, and immediately imagine a kind of frightening aspect stalking a woman in a dark alley. Although it is considered a classic description of a rape scene, there are other scenarios where this can happen

A person that looks good, that you know or a relative up to a minimum degree can commit a violation and this may not happen in a dirty alley, but even in an apartment or room ordered. While the sexual relationship is forced, it is considered rape.

This means that a boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend, a friend or an acquaintance they can commit the violation. By the way, women are not the only victims of rape. Men can be victims too, although there are more cases of women than men.

Rape on a date is not a new phenomenon and in fact has been happening to many people. The only reason why the statistics are so difficult to pin down is because many of the victims simply they do not inform of his terrible experience. Sometimes, when they had an appointment with someone, they had a few drinks and after they had sex, the details are not very clear.

Victims of rape, even when they express that they did not give their consent for the sexual act, they may think that they are partly responsible for what happened, because the sexual relationship occurred at some point during or after an appointment to which they freely attended.


Forced sex is rape

The truth is that it does not matter when forced sex happened, the victims are not to blame. Forced sex, even after the appointment in which both parties had fun, It is still considered rape.

Usually, the authors of date rape try to get their victims drunk or mix drugs like Rohypnol and Ketamine in the drinks. This is called nailing. Since this practice is very common, women should be Conscious of drinks what are you drinking. As much as possible, get your own drink, but if your appointment insists on being a gentleman and invites you a drink or more, be sure not to take your eyes off the drink, or better yet, watch while you are preparing it.

If you do not trust your appointment yet; If you do not know him for a long time, or if you have a bad feeling about him, do not accept anything that he offers you, even if this offends you. If your intentions are good and you really care , you will understand why you are being cautious.

Even if you take precautions, an incident may happen. If you will become a rape victim on a date, the best thing you can do is report it and not be silent about it; so you'll have the opportunity to help future victims.

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