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Equity and gender

Most common myths

Find out what a rape is and what are the most common myths about rape. By knowing the myths about rape you can protect yourself and the women around you. Read More

5 causes of vaginal pain

Discover some of the reasons why the vagina hurts. Some of the reasons why the vagina hurts are common. Knowing the reasons why the vagina hurts can help you heal. Read More

What you must not do

Lack of hygiene is something that should not be done with the penis. Also, something that should not be done with the penis is to spread any substance. Before experimenting or putting yourself at risk, know what not to do with the penis. Read More

5 gay celebrities who have declared it

Ricky Martin's new autobiographical book titled "I" is published by the Random House Mondadori publishing house, presenting an intimate biography of the spiritual journey that turned the pop singer into an icon of world popular culture. At 38 years of age plasma in his memories from his childhood to the deep fear he felt to confess his homosexuality. Read More

Prevention, a gift of life!

Know 5 basic sexual tests that you must perform if you have an active sexual life. Take care of your health and perform these 5 basic sexual tests. With these 5 basic sexual tests you will enjoy your intimacy more. Protect yourself! Read More

5 traits of a sexually dissatisfied couple

Having sex with the person you love is not always a moment of total connection and fullness. Sometimes, simply, it does not happen. It is normal to occur due to external factors such as stress and poor health. Although, if for every attempt something goes wrong, perhaps you are experiencing sexual dissatisfaction in your relationship. Read More

5 symptoms of a vaginal infection

One of the most sensitive parts of our body, is the intimate area, which must have special care. Otherwise, you can develop a vaginal infection, which sometimes goes unnoticed, but what are the symptoms? In an interview with Leticia Calderon, a gynecologist-obstetrician, she points out that the red spots that tell us about a vaginal infection are: Read More

Use it, it's for your safety

Know the reasons for using a female condom. One of the reasons to use a female condom is that it protects you against sexually transmitted diseases. 5 reasons to use a female condom Read More

5 tips vs unwanted erection

Having an erection in the wrong place or time can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing, however it is very common that happens to men, so it can also be distressing to have to control it without being noticed. Read More

The time is yours

Being independent and living alone is not a simple experience at the beginning; However, being independent is an adventure that we all must live because it forces you to know yourself and to love yourself more. Know the advantages of being independent and living alone. Read More

Feel comfortable and express yourself!

Discover how to talk about sex without taboos and enjoy your privacy. Are you afraid to talk about sex? Learn how to talk about sex without taboos and without fear of what they will say. Many times, people are afraid to talk about sex, but if you learn certain habits, you will live more fully in this aspect. Read More

Alliance to reduce maternal deaths

Lima Peru. (Lucia Lagunes Huerta, sent / CIMAC) .- In a new alliance, leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean, agreed to influence all spaces to make maternal health a priority that is reflected in concrete actions that save the life of women. Read More

Attraction among heterosexual women

The tendency to feel attracted (or) by people of the same sex, despite having a markedly heterosexual identity, is defined as flexisexuality, according to psychologist Lisa Diamo Read More

Attraction influences bisexuality

Since the nineteenth century, behavioral scientists have perceived bisexual attraction in men and women and are debating their place in the development of sexual identity. In his studies of the 1940s, Dr. Alfred Kinsey discovered that many married and publicly heterosexual men reported having maintained relationships with other men. Read More

Breast cancer in government agendas

Mexico, DF.- (CIMAC) .- The international organization against breast cancer "Susan G. Komen for the Cure", presented simultaneously in Mexico and Brazil a proposal to ask the countries of the Group of 8 (Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and Russia), that prioritize the issue in their agendas. Read More

Bisexuality occurs in adolescence

Bisexuality is the sexual orientation that is characterized by the ability to feel desire, affection, physical and emotional attraction for another person, regardless of their sex. For a long time it was believed that bisexuality did not exist. However, sociologist Eric Anderson of Harvard University declared that bisexuality exists. Read More

Castration prolongs the life of men

Castration can prolong the life of a man by the absence or lowering of certain male hormones. Testosterone is one of the male hormones that are reduced due to castration, so we are currently studying how to prolong the life of people by moficando the levels of certain male hormones. Read More