Check your weight

When we make the decision to become moms, there are several factors that can jeopardize our illusions. One of the most worrying worldwide is the overweight , since they affect the extra kilos in the fertility in an important way.

Based on a study conducted by the University of Oregon , about 361 clinics of fertility , the rate of births in women with overweight Y obesity it is 23% against 42% in the normal weight group.


Check your weight

While the overweight by itself is not the basic impediment for you to stay pregnant Yes, it can alter certain hormonal and metabolic functions that interfere with the ovulation and affect your ability to be fertile .

According to the doctorGabriela García , specialist in gynecology and assisted reproduction, gives you some reasons why they affect the extra kilos to yourfertility :

1. Excess of estrogen. When you haveoverweight they generate adipose cells that detonate a lot of estrogen, which alters your ovulation that puts you at risk fertility .

2. Insulin Resistance Syndrome. It defines the situation in which the tissues of the organism stop responding to insulin, so that the body stops using the glucose appropriately. One of its main causes is just overweight.

3. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This is characterized by irregular menstrual cycles and multiple cysts in the ovaries which produce an excess of hormones as androgens and estrogens, generating again problems with ovulation.

4. Hypothyroidism. In this condition the thyroid gland It is not capable of producing enough thyroid hormone to keep the body functioning naturally.

5. Damage to the endometrium. This is the layer where the embryo and the pregnancy If this is thicker, they can be presented hyperclasses and even blood, but especially the implantation capacity of the embryo is affected.

If you suffer overweight and it has cost you to stay pregnant or plan to be soon, you should go with the different specialists to advise you properly, including your gynecologist, but also the endocrinologist and nutritionist.