10 keys to ride a bike with your dog

Hairy, with short or long legs, bulging or hidden eyes, race or cross, in fact, does it matter to make you a happier and healthier person? I think not, then, why are you so lazy to take out walk your dog ?

The lack of time, to the best of spaces, often prevents us from organizing plans with our pet; however, there is an activity that will not only help you maintain good health for your dog but also yours: a bike ride.

With the desire that you make the most of these beautiful December evenings and all that the bicycle rides with your canine offers, we offer you 10 keys that will not only motivate you, but will give you the tools to have a fun, pleasant and enjoyable trip. safe.

1. Take care of your heart: The Ministry of Health says that the activity of pedaling reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%, as well as the decrease in cholesterol. In addition, it helps your pet strengthen its muscles and circulation.

2. It uses a special equipment: There are professional attachments that allow you to attach your dog's leash to the bicycle, which favors your pet walking with you, without letting go or pulling the bicycle. In your case, always use a helmet.

3. Short distances: Before starting a routine, first accustom your dog to the noises of the street and the company of the bicycle. Remember that the legs of these animals are tender and sensitive and can be easily damaged.

4. Use hand brakes: These allow you, not only to control your bicycle better, but the speed of your pet. It helps them maintain a better rhythm.

5. Have your dog go to the bathroom before the ride.

6. This is an exercise for dogs older than 18 months: The least you want is to hurt your pet, this activity is for the benefit of both, for this reason it is recommended that the dog has more than 18 months. Age in which the bone plates are closed and reach maturity.

7. Always carry two bottles of water, one for you, one for your pet.

8. Use more than a dog collar: The collar can hurt your dog, try to use a harness of preference.

9. When you take your dog for a walk, observe your spirit, if you are tired or feel bad.

10. Maintain a pleasant speed: Teach him commands so that he can anticipate the movements of the bicycle, so that it goes more slowly and does not stop in turns.

Take out walk your dog It has many benefits, physical and emotional for both. For this reason, we also give you some alternatives where you can practice this activity in Mexico City. Among the most popular places is the Mexico Park, the Desert of the Lions, University City and the Countess.

Remember that every friend needs your time and space in your life, why your dog does not? The better your furry pet is, the more time it will accompany you in life, take care of both.

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