Inheritances that weigh

When you have a permanent addiction like the smoking and you get pregnant,  there is a risk of causing damage to baby , such as low birth weight and the possibility of having a premature birth .

From the first quarter of pregnancy there are risks. It is an extremely important stage, since a human being is formed from two cells, which is why they can present congenital malformations.


Some epidemiological studies have shown an increased risk for oral fissures (cleft lip and palate) and cardiac malformations in children of female smokers, "she says. Guadalupe Ponciano , coordinator of the Clinic against smoking, the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) .

In the second quarter, the possibility of a abortion spontaneous, also its growth is affected and consequently begins to elapse more slowly, as a response to the inhalation of nicotine and carbon monoxide from tobacco smoke, while for the third cycle of pregnancy there is the possibility of premature delivery.

It is important to emphasize that the damage of the inhalation of nicotine they occur either, that you are the direct smoker or, when it is a third party who does it, hence it is valuable that in the places where you commonly develop, be free of smoke .


Inheritances that weigh

The effects that the nicotine to the baby are harmful and unlimited, because even though in your belly is protected by the placenta , nicotine is able to pass through and have contact with your child's nervous system, which is just in the process of being trained.

Another of the alterations that are known is related to the size and the learning process. According to a study conducted with 9 thousand English children exposed to smoke of 10 cigarettes daily, were a centimeter shorter in stature compared to those who lived in a free environment tobacco .

They also had a delay of between 3 and 5 months in what pertained to their performance in reading, mathematics and other skills in general.


No guilt, but with treatment

There are women for whom it is enough to know that they are pregnant and make the decision to leave this habit, to achieve it, while for others it becomes a very complicated battle to rid, and it is not that they do not wish to seek the health of their child and their own, but that their body requires this substance .

Raúl Sansores , director of the Tobacco Clinic of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) , in his article "Treatments to quit smoking, available in Mexico", warns that the smoking It is a disease.


The smoker is a sick person. It is a condition that is easier to define as a syndrome of multisystem damage, associated with nicotine addiction, therefore a therapeutic intervention is required, even when no one, specifically or personally, claims or requests such treatment. "

If you have detected that your liking for cigar It has become an addiction and it is very difficult for you to give up this habit, do not hesitate to ask for help from a health professional, who will be able to provide you with the appropriate treatments so that you can overcome this condition and thus procure your own well-being and that of your baby .

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