Goodbye to the classic!

Most specialists point out that 30 minutes of exercise per day are enough to maintain optimal health and help weight loss; But are there training options that are fun and motivating to continue?

For Osama Hamdy, Medical Director of the Clinical Obesity Program at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, deferring this half hour in 10 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening, has the same effect, with the only difference that people are easier to perform physical activity and, therefore, have less chance of quitting to her.

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Goodbye to the classic!

Nowadays there is a great variety of workouts that go beyond the classic exercises: running, swimming, cycling and weights. In order to integrate a dose of sport into your day, we present you 4 trainings that are fun as well as original:

1. Karaoke-yoga. Created by the instructor Jennifer Pastiloff , in Los Angeles, it aims to provide all the properties of yoga: mind and body balance. The motivation and improvement of the mood that produces singing. It is a training that seeks to generate joy.

2. JumpLife. It uses the trampoline as a base. In addition to getting your body of energy, it tones and helps the burning of calories quickly, since it requires effort in muscles.

3. Stiletto Strength. S Exy and audacious, this physical activity is the ultimate in fitness. With this method, specific movements are executed, especially, the lifting of legs to the rhythm of the music. Also in the classes, you can include Pilates exercises to then work on flexibility, going hand in hand with the song of the moment

4. RipSurfer X. Combine yoga movements, strength exercise and cardio routine, all through a surfboard placed in a studio or gym. In addition to helping you lose weight with this training you can perfect your balance. Try it!

For an exercise to be effective, not only do you need it to be of your liking, it is necessary to be consistent. Remember that with each activity you do, it will be a step for a new life change.

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