Top 5 slimming exercises

The best exercises for slim down are aerobics, since these help you burn more calories and therefore to lose more fat. Aerobics are characterized by constantly doing an activity with some intensity. To obtain good results, it is recommended to perform routines of at least 20 minutes per session. GetQoralHealth tells you next which are the best exercises to lose weight.

1. Aerobics: It's one of the exercises for slim down favorites of women. This routine helps to strengthen mainly the legs, hips and glutes. Lost calories: 400

2. Swimming: This sport is excellent for losing weight, since all themuscles of the body. Weight loss depends on the speed with which the routine is performed.Lost calories: 400  

3. Bicycle: It is an excellent exercise of cardiovascular, depending on the resistance and speed is the weight loss. It is recommended to do 30 minute tours. Lost calories: 250 to 500

4. Jump rope: It's one of the exercises for lose weight simpler, but more effective that can be done to burn calories . It is the physical activity that burns more fat. It is ideal to increase endurance and performance in virtually any type of sport such as tennis, basketball, soccer, skiing and volleyball. Lost calories: 500

5. Running: It is one of the best sports for lose weight , you only need a good pair of tennis and a lot of attitude to make your journey. To notice faster results, sessions of at least 30 minutes are recommended. Lost calories: 400

Before choosing some of these disciplines, do not forget to consult your doctor to indicate which one is appropriate for your health condition. Do your routine at least three times a week to have effective results.

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