The metformin is a drug that sensitizes the insulin that has recently been prescribed for the treatment of women with Polycystic ovary syndrome , because it is thought that insulin resistance is probably a key factor in counteracting Cysts

According to him Journal of Ovarian Research , those who consume metformin for at least six months, present a considerable change in the size of the ovaries , its dimension is reduced and in some cases it is possible to leave anovulation problems aside.

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"After six months of treatment with metformin, half of the patients remained anovulatory, while 10 more returned to ovulate, but still had problems conceiving."

The patients with Polycystic ovary syndrome who participated in this study, ingested 2 tablets of 850 mg daily, during the 6 months that the study lasted.



After six months of metformin, in both groups of women treated with polycystic ovary syndrome, there was an improvement in the testosterone and the insulin resistance indexes.

There was a significant reduction in the ovarian dimension in the ovulatory group.

The patients with polycystic ovary syndrome under administration of metformin demonstrated a change in ovarian morphology, closely related to the ovulatory response.

Certainly, metformin exerts actions to regulate the metabolism of the glucose-insulin , but also influences the fertility who takes it


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