Temptation difficult to resist!

For manythe weekend It brings with it the opportunity of rest, fun and conviviality with friends, family and couple. However, it is the moment where willpower It weakens and breaks the diet with harmful excesses, but can you avoid overeating?

According to a study conducted by the Cornell University, Not everything is negative. Through an analysis, Brian Wansink, Research leader revealed that weekend bloating may actually be part of a normal cycle of the weightloss and increase over the course of a week, and can even help lose weight.


Temptation difficult to resist!

On average, women consume 115 calories more on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays than during the week, according to a study of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. To avoid this situation we provide 6 strategies to eat less in Weekend, with information from Huffington Post.

1. Exaggerate in happy hour. Alcohol not only increases calories but limits the resolution of "behave well", and suddenly nachos with cheese sound like a great idea. To avoid it say goodbye to drinks sweets and Choose those that have a stronger flavor.

2. Shopping on an empty stomach. An action that makes everything crave! A good option is a bar big wave have less than 8 grams of sugar.

3. Cinema . Many can not resist popcorn and giant size sweets. Did you know that a medium and soda combo can translate into 1,600 calories? If you want to eat something during the show, it's best to bring your own snacks

4. Eat out. Order dishes that reflect a healthy cooking method such as broth, stew, grilling and baking.

5. Breakfast. Consume fruit and yogurt Low fat early in the morning.

6. A more active Sunday. Beyond watching TV, go around your Sunday and go to a bike pass with your friends.

Remember that your health is in your hands. Do not forget to maintain a balanced diet and a dose of physical activity , at least 30 minutes a day.

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