The vitamins they are organic compounds that are found inside your body or in external sources such as food. There are vitamins: those that are fat soluble and soluble in water. The vitamins they help the body to function properly.

You must take vitamin supplements if your body lacks a specific vitamin. It is also good to take vitamin supplements if your diet is not balanced and healthy due to hectic schedules.

The vitamin supplements they are not adequate substitutes for real vitamins in food. Vitamins are found in food in its purest form that allows you to enjoy 100% of its benefits.

In addition, vitamins In foods they can interact with other vitamins and substances in a way that supplements can not. Eating healthy foods allows you to increase your intake of other essential minerals that are not offered by vitamin supplements.


How to choose the right supplement

Always look for the USP label in any vitamin supplement . USP US Pharmacopoeia represents and simply means that the Foof and Drug Administration (FDA) has successfully approved its distribution and use, since it passed the security and testing of the quality control departments.

  1. The labels of vitamin supplements or any other dietary supplement must contain the following information:
  • Identity Statement: It should clearly state the vitamins contained in it.
  • Net amount of content: How many capsules or tablets does it contain? How many milligrams does each tablet have?

In addition to the warning about liability, the vitamin supplement should include these words: This statement has been evaluated by the FDA.

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