Urban cycling improves your heart rate

Cycling is a physical activity that provides the individual with different benefits: it improves the heart rate, the respiratory capacity and increases the calorie burn consumed daily; However, in Mexico, as in the rest of the world, it is practiced urban cycling It is taking more relevance.

Beyond the physical benefits, the urban cycling it is an exercise that takes place on the streets of cities and communities. This activity seeks to generate a healthier population through awareness of the environment.

Through the Urban Cyclist's Manual , the Secretary of the Environment points out five advantages of this sport:

1. Fast and Flexible . You can transport quickly. In distances smaller than 10 km it is more efficient than a car.

2. Accessible. It is a democratic form of mobility that gives you autonomy in an economic, clean and efficient way.

3. Fun. It is an activity that invigorates your body and activates your systems. The interaction with the environment that surrounds you is stimulating.

4. Healthy. By adopting it as a lifestyle, you strengthen your immune system, in addition to reducing blood cholesterol levels and stress.

5. Clean . You put the energy, and that avoids spending fossil fuel.

However, before starting with the urban cycling you must take into account some security measures:

1. Circulate without fear.
2. Use protection.
3. Do not drive in the opposite direction.
4. Always use the lane on the right, which is the one designated by the traffic authorities.
5. Do not use headphones, it decreases the attention you put on the vehicle flow.
6. Do not drive on the sidewalks.
7. Check the mechanical condition of your bicycle.

In Mexico City there are spaces dedicated to urban cycling , besides that there are specific days where some streets are closed to the vehicular flow for those who enjoy this activity can be developed safely.

Sport not only helps you improve your physical and emotional state, it can also contribute to improving the environment.

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