In addition to this measure, the Civil Protection Secretariat recommends:

After the earthquake of 7.1 on the Richter scale, which took place last Tuesday, September 19 and shook the center of Mexico, people have been asked not to smoke, or turn on any fire source such as matches, lighters, candles or stoves.

As a result of the collapsed buildings, some streets were permeated by a strong smell of gas, which alerted the citizens.

Natural gas can cause severe health damage when inhaled. While it is not toxic in small amounts, the risk of poisoning increases when the amount is greater.

It is composed of methane and, when breathing, the person can get dizzy and feel exhausted, causing lack of oxygen in the brain and body, which can be deadly.

In an earthquake situation, a possible explosion must be added, which can happen only with the minimum amount of gas and sparks. Natural gas is potentially flammable. For this reason, and as a security measure, the authorities asked not to smoke or use any source of fire.


In addition to this measure, the Civil Protection Secretariat recommends:

- Park away from tall buildings

- Use the phone only in case of emergency

- Stay away from windows or objects that run the risk of falling

- Cut off gas and electricity supply


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