This illustration that portrays Mexico has already been around the world

A Winged Victory (Angel of Independence), a peasant, a worker, a housewife, young people and brigadistas that together, united and organized in a row carry out the removal of debris in a disaster area, are part of the cardboard with which Víctor Solís, Excélsior's collaborating caricaturist, reflected the Mexican identity: La Solidaridad in times of crisis, the support given to the victims during the earthquake.

The carton that Solís drew for the editorial pages of Excelsior was the image of Mexicans that is worth painting.

"The Angel of Independence, I believe, is the Mexican character with the most reputation and with whom most people are identified regardless of social class, sex and educational level," explained Solís.

"That is at court level shoulder to shoulder is taken to well, besides that with its wings you feel the shelter," he added.

The image was also disseminated via social networks by the artist and many other citizens, journalists and artists. On Twitter it was cited again and again by the users of that platform. "As in 85, Mexicans continue practicing that spontaneous solidarity that takes fear away from tragedy. Victor Solís @visoor in @Excelsior, "commented cartoonist Magu.

"Mexico nice and united! Supercard from @visoor, "said Alison Elias, Twitter user.

The cardboard, titled by the artist as "Viva Mexico" was retweeted more than a thousand times during yesterday's day.

"Of the best I've seen in a long time, apart from the fact that I personally was moved and removed all the feelings that I bring from yesterday," commented another user.

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