Solidarity does not need convocation

Just as 33 years ago the earthquake of September 19, 1985 left us marked as a society, the earthquakes of September 7 and 19, 2017 left us important lessons that should remain in our culture of prevention to avoid new tragedies.


Solidarity does not need convocation

A lesson that we have clear since the earthquake of 1985 is the solidarity that we are capable of and that last year was once again present.

Far from what was thought of today's generation of young people, at a time when millennials were supposed to be apathetic, selfish and disinterested, it was demonstrated that they are much more than "addicted to selfies."

The chronicle, "The black Thursday that changed Mexico", by Emilio Viale (El Universal, 1985), made sense again: "Who summoned such a boy, where did he leave so much voluntary, how was it that the blood was left in the hospitals , who organized the brigades that directed vehicle and pedestrian traffic throughout the affected area? There was no call, there was no call and everyone came. "


Never let your guard down

After 85 was born the culture of seismic prevention in our country. However, despite the drills and remembering the tragedy of that year, many had relaxed measures.

On September 7 we lived a very strong earthquake, 8.2 degrees with an epicenter in Guerrero, which caused destruction, among other areas, in Oaxaca and Chiapas, but which had not damaged the most populated areas of the country.

And as if fate sent us an examination that we failed, when many were "congratulating" because "it did not happen to major", just the day of the previous tragedy we returned to feel the misfortune in the flesh.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 1:14 p.m., 7.1 earthquake with epicenter in Puebla-Morelos, closer to areas with higher population density.

Today we know that nature has no word of honor and that we should never lower our guard. Thus:


  • Always have an emergency backpack available (clothes, first aid kit, portable battery radio, emergency whistle, key holder with copies of your home and car, drinking water and canned food for three days).
  • Sleep with pajamas. Do not waste time dressing yourself.
  • Draw a quick and safe evacuation route.
  • Locate triangles of life in your home or workplace.

But above all, transmit this preventive culture to your children and have them transmit it to their children. Mexico is in a seismic zone, there is always a latent risk.


Blessed social networks

Social networks served a lot in the 19S earthquake. Helping to locate victims, they took care to make complaints and for their immediacy they were used to organize us.

However, it was also easy to spread rumors and false information. Now we know that before sharing anything we must make sure. Verify with the official sources or at least with more than three witnesses the facts.

Given the speed with which things changed, we now also know that we should not share information that is too "old", a finding, a requirement, a request for help can change from one moment to the next. At least we must be aware of updating.

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