The risks of drinking water after the earthquake

Did you know that drinking contaminated water after an earthquake is extremely risky?

Just as water is a source of life, so is disease.

The use of contaminated water for direct consumption or in the preparation of food seriously compromises health.

This was learned by the Mexicans who lived through the 1985 earthquake due to the rupture of the pipes of the potable water supply and drainage systems.

What to do?

Health authorities alert the population to take the following measures:

He resorts to bottled water. Make sure that the lid has not been opened.

Do not use contaminated water to wash dishes, make ice, brush your teeth, wash or prepare food.

Boiling water kills bacteria and parasites. Most organisms die in boiled water for one minute.

If you can not boil the water, you can treat it with chlorine tablets, iodine tablets or odorless household chlorine (5.25% sodium hypochlorite).


Dangerous water sources


Water heating systems.

Water beds (fungicides added to the water or chemicals in the vinyl contaminate the water).

If you drank contaminated water, be alert to any signs of skin poisoning or shortness of breath.

go to a hospital emergency center or a general practitioner to determine the treatment to follow.

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