Ay, ay, ay, ay, sing and do not cry

We Mexicans use music to make catharsis in the middle of the tragedy, proof of this is that, spontaneously, dozens of people used the Cielito Lindo and the National Anthem to show union, hope and solidarity after the earthquake that shook us. September in several states of the Mexican Republic.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, sing and do not cry

24 hours after the 7.1 earthquake that hit our country, brigadistas were still struggling looking for survivors, even when the night and rain had fallen. Unfortunately, the number of lifeless victims was increasing.

As a form of relief and to try to lift the spirits after the disaster, all began to sing the refrain of the song Cielito Lindo: "Sing and do not cry, because singing they rejoice, cielito lindo, los corazones".

Singing cute cielito in the Cdmx: flag-mx :: heart: #TerremotoEnMexico #cdmxsismo #FuerzaMexico #VivaMexico #Mexicanosfuertes #mexicoearthquake pic.twitter.com/2G8LHHq6kW

- Mayra Paredes (@mayra__Lo) September 20, 2017

The user of Twitter @mayra_Lo uploaded a video that shows the rescuers singing the song and at the end of the chorus someone else shouts: "¡Viva México! And those present respond with applause. "

With each son he gave you a soldier

When the search ends, after exhausting all until the last hope of life and remove the last body from the rubble, army, volunteers, brigadistas and rescuers sing the national anthem in memory of the people who died on the site and how sample of national unity.

#ReporteRMX So they sang the National Anthem after finishing rescue work in the building in Amsterdam and Laredo # To2Unidos # FuerzaMéxico pic.twitter.com/1iWInNYE6T

- RMX radio (@RMXradio) September 22, 2017

Video Medicine: cielito lindo mariachi letra lyrics españo ingles/ spanish english Lovely Sky (May 2021).