Happy people feel healthier, even if they are sick

How many of us look for happiness as if it were a hidden treasure. Some overflow to unleash worldly pleasures, others to cultivate their spirit, but happiness is closer than you think, is achieved through good deeds. Yes, it is scientifically proven that being solidary produces happiness.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"Mahatma Gahndi

Josep María Serra Grabulosa, from the University of Barcelona, ​​explained in a study that "contributing to the well-being of people is something that is distributed and ends up building a happier society".

According to the specialist, to be happy you have to be optimistic but, "how can you be optimistic in crisis? Being supportive and imitating the positive attitudes we see in others in the face of adversity, "says the specialist ..


Happy people feel healthier, even if they are sick

The feeling of health is related to the affections and in turn produces happiness. "The influence of family, of friends makes a person in crisis feel supported. This means that sick people can feel healthier than those who are not. Everything depends on how much social containment they receive, "adds Grabulosa.

For his part, Dr. Gonzalo Hervás, co-author of the research, adds that social support fosters happiness. "Social support protects happiness in the face of misfortune, with a cushioning effect of the impact of tragic events," he says.

Obviously the experts clarify that although social restraint makes us optimistic, optimism gives us hope, hope gives us happiness and happiness makes us feel healthier, "you can not say, avoid the flu being happy".

However, at times like the one we are experiencing, it is not only a pat on the back, but also a fundamental part of overcoming the crisis.

Go out to find happiness, help, be empathetic and supportive, your soul and your physique will feel fuller.

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