20 common things that prevent you from being happy

Do you feel that the world conspires against you? We are all responsible for our happiness It is a matter of identifying and taking care of it, as well as leaving everything that makes us unhappy.

We all think that the happiness It is something that is out of our reach and we have to go in your search.

What do you think about stop thinking that? Perhaps what we have to identify are all the impediments that exist within us to be felices and work on them

To start this process, here are 20 very common things that do not let you be happy.


1. Forgetting our essential value

Your value does not depend on external factors, such as your academic degree, sentimental situation, financial or career. These are only roles we play in life. As a human being, you are intrinsically valuable.


2. Worry about the future

When you worry about what could go wrong in your life, you are creating your own personal hell contrary to the quiet present that you may be ignoring.


3. Comparisons

Mark Twain once said: "Comparison is the death of joy." Instead of comparing yourself with other people, romantic partners or vacations you have had, accept that things are different and remember that diversity and contrast make life interesting.


4. Lack of gratitude

We can become so focused on what we need, that we forget to notice what we have. Take a break and appreciate all the love, beauty, abundance and blessings you have in your life, and you may be surprised to realize that you are rich without measure.


5. Ignore our heart and intuition

Most people live the life that others expect of them, and not a life that is true to itself. Have the courage to follow your heart and trust your intuition. It is your most reliable guide.


6. Being governed by our ego

Your ego is a social mask and the image you have of yourself, but it is insecure and easily bruised by the events of people's lives and opinions. Learn to take advantage of your soul, what you really are under all the labels. Unlike your ego, your soul is unconditional, strong, wise and enduring love.


7. Comfort zones

We do not take risks and we do not go after our dreams because we feel safe, although unhappy, in the certainty of our current life. We forget that even our "safe" circumstances could change at any time, so in many ways we are more secure in "the known" than in "the unknown".


8. Live in our heads

We wasted so much time living in our heads instead of being present at the time. If you discover your mind adrift thinking about problems or worries, try to return to the present moment, taking some deep breaths and feel the sensations throughout the body.


9. Prioritize things that do not matter

We spend so much time on things that do not make our dreams come true, like checking our e-mail constantly or moving through social networks. Save more time and energy for the things that make progress in your life.


10. The negativity

The world is a reflection of your dominant thoughts and feelings. If you constantly focus on your problems, struggles and worries, you will only perpetuate the same circumstances over and over again. If you start thinking in positive terms, you will experience more positive results.


11. Our interpretations and stories

We often read meanings in situations that do not really exist. We assume that people are unhappy with us when they are simply tired. We assume that we are being judged, when in reality it is not the case.


12. Living in the past

If you cling firmly to the past and relive the best moments over and over again, you may not be making enough space for new beautiful moments and experiences to receive in your life. Have faith that your life will develop in continually wonderful new ways.


13. Not having patience

For everything there is a season. Learn to trust the time, think you are in the right place doing the right things at the right time.


14. Guilt and shame

We all make mistakes and act in ways that do not reflect our highest value at times. But that does not make us bad people. Forgive yourself, accept yourself and remember that your actions are not what you are.


15. Limiting beliefs

We have collected a range of limiting beliefs since our childhood. Beliefs that there is only one definition of success, for example. These useless beliefs keep us trapped.


16. Fear

We are terrified of experiencing the sensation of fear and many times we do nothing to avoid it.While fear can make us feel uncomfortable, it can not stop us from moving forward - unless we allow it. Learn to live with the feeling of fear and keep going anyway.


17. Be aware of what others think

We give away much of our energy and inner peace for caring about what others think of us. The truth is that we can not know with certainty what others think, so the most appropriate expert is in ourselves and our decisions.


18. Letting our emotions consume us

When a strong negative emotion arises, we often let it take us completely, to lose ourselves in the feeling of anger, pain or jealousy. Learn to see your emotions when they occur, and remember that you are above them; They are not what you are.


19. Expectations

We hope that our partner and friends act in accordance with each our wishes. Better try to approach life with more curiosity, acceptance and an open mind.


20. Only words and no action

You can read all the self-help and success books, attend seminars, go to classes and read articles like this, but nothing will change in your life until you start putting knowledge into practice. Stop reading and start doing.

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