Tips to create express dishes

When there are enough guests and there is a lack of food, there is no way to put into practice the imagination and what you have in the pantry.

In Mexico, we are very willing to invite to dinner or to eat, last minute, to family and friends, appealing to the maxim that "putting more water on the beans", everything is fixed.

In effect, any food can be "multiplied", if we follow the advice of those who, without panicking, know how to take advantage of what is in the refrigerator. Adding him White rice to a plate of lentils , we not only increase the amount of food, we also complete an excellent dish rich in nutrients. A vegetable soup or stew, is extended if we add French fries cut into squares.

The wonder of the sauces

A pasta dish can grow, in flavor and abundance, thanks to sauces such as the béchamel sauce that is prepared by melting 50 grams of butter in a small stainless steel pot and adding 50 grams of white sieved flour little by little.

With a spoon of wood or wood, the ingredients are mixed thoroughly to prevent lumps from forming and little by little, a half liter of warm milk is added, stirring constantly until it starts to boil.

Add Salt to taste and cook for five to eight minutes over medium heat. A bechamel is ideal for a dish of cannelloni or some chicken breasts .

Another sauce that allows you to swell an "emergency" meal is fried tomato, a good companion to the lasagna or the Spaghetti , although it can also serve as the basis for many stews of the varied Mexican cuisine.

Its preparation is very simple: 1 cut onion and 2 finely chopped garlic cloves are fried in oil, then a can of whole and peeled tomatoes is added (depending on the rush, even better if you use fresh, red and ripe tomatoes).

You can add a bay leaf, salt and pepper to taste. To remove the acidity point, it is recommended to add a pinch of sugar.

Fish or meat that reaches everyone

If the only thing you have in the refrigerator is a couple of Meat fillet or of fish , a good tip is to cut the pieces into thin strips and cook a stew with tomato sauce and French fries or cooked. The potato is an excellent ally when it comes to creating delicious and "last minute" dishes.

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