Diana, rescued thanks to a message from WhatsApp

As 32 years ago, this tremor also left us with stories that make us believe that, beyond medical advances and technology, there is "something else" that keeps us standing. Real facts of people who were rescued when it seemed that there was no opportunity, lives that were saved thanks to what many of us could say ... miracles exist.

Diana, rescued thanks to a message from WhatsApp

Diana Pacheco, 31, was working on the fourth floor of a building in the Roma neighborhood. During the tremor he tried to go down the emergency stairs, but the building collapsed. At 6:00 the next day, I send a message to her husband with his location. Immediately, he gave notice and could be rescued.


The survivors of the factory

Even though the heavy machinery had already entered the collapsed factory in Colonia Obrera, some rescuers prevailed in their efforts to find survivors and they succeeded, they found two more people and it is believed that there are two more trapped. Miguel Ángel Vázquez, undersecretary of administration and human capital of CDMX, said he will not stop the rescue work.


The children of the Rébsamen

The tragedy at the Rébsamen school was huge. However, the images of the rescue of two little ones that emerge through a gap in the rubble, make us believe in miracles. "Come my love; do not scrape it, get it out there; sell my girl, and my girl, already, "says the rescuer with tenderness when removing the children.


Chichí, the dog that detected life when there was no longer "hope"

The effort and will of hundreds of men, after 48 hours of removing debris in a building on the streets of Medellín and San Luis Potosí, in the Roma neighborhood, reached the limit. They decided then to finish the search and allow the bulldozers to enter. Then, as a last attempt, Chichí dog and his instructor came into action. With amazement the volunteers watched to see that the dog began to sniff nervously and a few seconds later barked loudly. I had found life. Hope recovered and rescuers managed to locate a 35-year-old man named Erick.

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