1. Chamomile ice tea

The place is the least, when it comes to enjoying the holidays. Walking the streets of a picturesque town, lying on the sand of the sea, enjoying an outdoor show ... everything seems perfect until, after a few hours, our shoulders, back and chest start "burn", and what were some Perfect holidays become a "hell" ...

Worse yet, how to relieve sunburns fast, if we are away from home? To get started:


1. Chamomile ice tea

It is a drink that can easily be found in any restaurant. Once you get it, moisten a piece of cloth in it and cover it with the affected area. Let the infusion dry on your skin.

Chamomile tea contains tannins, ingredients that have the ability to soothe pain, inflammation and itching products of the burn.

Video Medicine: Chamomile Tea Recipe | Laser Spine Institute (August 2022).