Teacher loses fingers to save student who had fallen behind in the quake

More than a teacher at school, a life teacher. Is about Javier Pacheco , a high school teacher, who risked his life to rescue the last girl who came down the stairs of the Secondary number 52, in Ecatepec . This during the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck central Mexico on September 19.


"The student whom he tried to protect when the fence came died, so I think that I still have to assimilate and be able to handle that situation," explained María de Jesús Kim Valdivia, doctor at Hospital 1 de Octubre of ISSSTE, where the Professor recovers.

The teacher Javier Pacheco, who leads 23 years teaching , lost two fingers after the wall that fell to him literally crushed his hand. He also suffered a fracture in the spine.


At the time of the earthquake the science teacher was distributing material for his students to make a comic strip, and just started the tremor he did nothing but follow the protocol .

"We download the children and the teacher goes down to the last one. I go behind them hurrying them to come down quickly, when I go down to the last one, the fence fell, it was a girl who was lying there, she was my student, "she said.

From the hospital, the teacher assures that he is not a hero, because to safeguard his students It was what I had to do .

"I think he acted instinctively, that instinct to protect someone who was in his care, that they are students, and then even if he does not consider it, I think it can be considered a heroic act," said his doctor, María of Jesus Kim Valdivia.

In the middle of the tragedy, in which the fall of Enrique Rébsamen School , where the death of 19 children was confirmed, has taken a leading role, the teacher Javier Pacheco considered that one of the lessons of the earthquake that also cost the life of one of his students and the amputation of his fingers, is the urgent need to ensure safety for children in the schools.


"That they check the schools well, because that fence was already damaged from before, and they supposedly said that there was no problem, I think they should have done well the expertise, I do not know who would do it, Civil Protection say, I do not know who , but they should review all schools well, some are already very old, "he said.


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