Women try all the remedies they recommend to grow our hair; unfortunately, not all work as we expect and only does not spend time and money. But, according to data from experts in dermatology, there are ways to make hair grow very effective and simple.

According to data from a study published by the University of California in Los Angeles, something essential for hair to grow are nutrients. In addition to that, other good practices and habits stimulate growth.



You should brush every day on hair, at least three times a day to stimulate the scalp.


To cut the hair

You must eliminate the damaged ends so that the growth does not stagnate.


Protect from heat

It is important that you protect your hair from the irons and dryers. The temperature can be a factor that does not allow it to grow as you want.



It is recommended to ingest biotin for hair growth. You must consume it every day in the morning.



When the hair is dry, growth is limited. It is recommended to apply at least one mask per month.

If you really follow these tips to grow hair , you will notice changes in a couple of weeks, make your hair grow naturally!


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