Blood produced in large-scale laboratory

BBC World announced that scientists from 4 universities in Scotland are working on an unprecedented project to achieve the large-scale production of blood human, to be used in future blood transfusions. In the project involved the universities of Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh and Dundee.

The raw material of this research in the production of red blood cells from stem cells. This project is being carried out in conjunction with the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service.

If the project is assertive, this generation at the industrial level of blood from stem cells could greatly help the problems of catering and at the same time could ensure the blood compatibility between the donor and the recipient.

The lack of raw material in the blood banks is a macro problem (worldwide) due, in part, to the short lifespan of the blood reserves .

BBCMundo points out that this represents many difficulties to maintain a balance of supply and demand for routine transfusions for three days.

In the voice of Dr. Joanne Mountford , from the University of Glasgow, "this work do not try to develop artificial blood , but red blood cells similar to those that the human being has in his organism, but produced in the laboratory ".

The researcher also pointed to BBC World that the study is now trying to transfer basic laboratory science to the processes of industrial production.

"The red blood cells have had millions of years to develop and become an extraordinary means of transporting oxygen," says the expert.

"So, instead of starting to produce anything else, we will produce Red blood cells . Now we have the source of stem cells to do it. "

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