Beyond the fun

According to a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO), Mexico is the tenth country that consumes the most alcohol in Latin America. In addition, it notes that women consume more alcoholic due than years ago. However, how does the skin?


Maybe drinking one or two drinks on an occasional basis does not affect you much, but the continued abuse of alcoholic drinks It does have important repercussions on your face during the following days and much more in the long term. And it is that those glasses of more, not only manifest in the circles under the following day, but in damages that can appear as buds that in the long run harm the health of your skin


Beyond the fun

However, what are the effects that alcohol has on the health of your skin, our friends from Lola told me Y Embellé some of them tell you.

1. Distilled beverages such as rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey reduce oxygen levels in the blood and this is why the production of collagen in you skin, having negative results such as loss of brightness, elasticity Y firmness.

2. It is true that it relaxes you, makes you feel light and brings an effect of joy but inside your body what happens is that those little glasses of alcohol you ingested cause the blood vessels to dilate, forcing the liver to work twice as hard to release the toxins from your body. As it can not be done optimally, the toxins and fats, which can cause acne and black spots.  

3. It causes dryness because it reduces the delivery of the amount of oxygenated blood that runs through your veins, including veins on your face that can sometimes burst forming a kind of red "spider" in the face that look like red spots.

4. Let's not forget the swelling we experience after a night of drinking. This is because, in general, alcoholic drinks they are very high in sugar and they retain liquids, which makes us look swollen and our skin looks unhealthy.

5. You have a greater predisposition to develop bruises before which alcohol consumption puts us. This happens because a high level of alcohol in the blood exhausts the reserves of vitamin C in the organism and remember that this vitamin is necessary for the rapid healing of tissues and good blood flow in the body. Also, because the skin is dehydrated it is less apt to cushion injuries.

Something you can do to recover if you pass the glasses is to apply a mask for 15 to 20 minutes the next day and thus avoid dehydration, redness, breakouts and bruises on your skin in addition to giving you great help with the base of collagen that each of the masks contains to avoid aging.  

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