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Either because of the stress of the current life or the rush to express our ideas, sometimes we are not clear when we speak, that is, "the language locks". However, there are people who have spent most of their lives doing so, because they are stutterers .

According to American Speech-Language-Hearing Association , the stammering it affects the fluency of speech; It begins in childhood and sometimes lasts throughout life, especially when it is not treated properly.

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Learn more about this problem!

Many times this way of speaking can cause laughter among people, however, it is important that you know more about this problem to understand those affected and avoid those teasing , that can even be converted into bullying .

1. Repetition of words. This disorder is characterized by interruptions in the production of speech sounds (dysrhythmias or disfluencies). They can be presented as repetition of words, preceded with a "mm" or "eh"

2. Causeless. There is not something specific that is the trigger of the stammering , because it is presented by an immaturity in the development of language, brain damage, emotional trauma or genetic inheritance.

3. More frequent in childhood. About 5% of children have stammering . Only 1% of infants do not overcome the disorder.

4. Men, more vulnerable . It is more common among boys than girls; Approximately four times more adult males stutter than them.

5. There is no pharmacological treatment. There are no medications that help overcome stuttering, it can only be fixed with an early phonoaudiological intervention or with vocal exercises.

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