Constant complaint, latent nonconformity

Do you know any woman who feels completely satisfied with her physique? It seems that however beautiful they may be, they always find a detail that does not satisfy them to the point of spending hours a day overwhelmed for him default body that they think they have , which they seek to change.


According to American Journal of Psychiatry , the complex They are a disorder frequent and severe because the concern exaggerated of the appearance Y defects slight or imaginary.

These are usually acquired by type of education , social stereotypes , traumatic experiences , among other reasons that leads to reject the physical, in your case, what are the most common complexes of women? GetQoralHealth it lists only seven of them.


Constant complaint, latent nonconformity

1. Pancita This is perhaps the most common complex. Have a bulging belly is considered unsightly ; It is even an impediment to wear the clothes that they love, on the contrary, they wear loose garments or girdles to hide it at all costs.

According to the study Body Image and Eating Disorder Research to complain for him overweight affects relationships interpersonal ; Certainly something complicated to avoid.

2. Gill. This is another of the nightmares that overwhelms many women; the accumulation of grease under the chin causes changes in the shape of the face what cause discomfort . You can correct it with some exercises , even chewing gum benefits.

3. Scars. They are usually considered little attractive Therefore, they try to hide them, however, a new study by researchers from the University of Stirling of the United Kingdom they say they could influence in the election of partner in men and women who are looking lasting relationships .

4. Very white skin. This is one of the traumas of women who consider having a skin tanned it's more attractive , although in reality, white has always been synonymous with beauty and of status high social

A study of University of Toronto affirms that men prefer the pure aspect of a skin clear and luminous because unconsciously they associate it with a sense of innocence Y purity .

5. Small breasts. It is another cause of discomfort for a large number of women who cause them to cause insecurity to the degree operated to increase its volume. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons , the surgery most popular plastic is the increase of breasts .

6. Cellulite 90% all women they have some degree cellulitis in your body and mainly affects women over 35 years of age, Luis Plata, plastic surgeon of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery .

7. Height When women are short stature their quality of life decreases and has. An investigation published in the magazine Clinical Endocrinology considers that this problem arises from the prejudices social and discrimination against the little people. Although the main effect is for the challenges in daily life.

For the Clinical sexologist, Diana M. Resnicoff , the complexes by the figure prevent to develop a normal social life, since they are deprived of going out, wearing certain clothes or giving themselves some tastes, a situation that ends up affecting the self esteem and in extreme cases are generated social phobias .

In case the complexes affect your life, it is important that you learn assimilate the parts of your body that displease you and understand why do they bother you so much, this will help accept it already reconcile .  

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