Dental cleaning in pets

Important part of the hygiene of our pet is the dental cleaning . Many people will say, to clean the teeth of my dog ​​or my cat? What a ridiculous thing. It seems that it does not matter, but it is a vital part of taking care of your health.

In addition to washing your snout, you need to know the new food formulations that help reduce the formation of tartar . This brings as a consequence, in addition to the foul odor, the accommodation of bacteria in the valves of the heart, causing murmurs or damage to the liver and kidney.

When youpet eat some of your leftovers, present this problem more easily, so it is advisable to nourish them with food specially designed for them.

Small breeds are the ones that most present odontolithiasis (tartar and bad breath), because their size they spend more time with the owner and they are offered different human foods.

Remember that the dental cleaning must be done daily, with a special brush for dog or cat; They are soft bristles to not cause discomfort, and special pasta for them.

If you do not have a special brush for your pet , then use one with soft bristles for baby. Imitate that it is small head to enter its snout, especially in the case of cats.

You can also use rubber thimbles to perform both cleaning, massage the gums or, in the last case, gauze rolled on the index finger and soaked in water; the most important thing is to remove the remains of food that remain between the teeth and molars, mainly the deep ones.

The technique of Tooth brushing it is very similar to the one we use; uses directed movements of the gum towards the tip of the tooth, both externally and internally. In addition, circular motions should be made in the molars to free them of any remaining between the dental spaces.

This way you will have a pet with healthy and clean teeth. Do not forget to clean the teeth of your dog or cat daily and avoid feeding it with leftovers. For your health, give him the food specially designed for them. Take care and protect them! They depend on you.

Video Medicine: Routine Dental Cleaning (Dog) (December 2022).