What to eat?

Keep a diet rich in carbohydrates , an eight-hour break and a hydration adequate, are key to the sports performance of footballers.

During the International Congress Sports with Consciousness Gatorade - UNAM , Beatriz Boullosa , coordinator of the Area of Nutrition National Teams , affirms that it is basic that the soccer players have a correct nutritional orientation, so that they have a general notion of how they should feed themselves.

"We know they will not be experts, but we do want them to have a very clear notion of what to eat, and that they, even if they are not in concentration, know what is best for their body and performance."


What to eat?

According to Boullosa it is key that before a competition the players consume many carbohydrates , "but not only is pasta, carbohydrates are also found in cereals, tortillas, potatoes, legumes, among others."

"It is important to stop thinking that eating pasta is something magical that helps us to perform more. The key is the carbohydrates that fill us with energy, but you have to combine them well, to avoid inflammation, heaviness, etc. "

In this sense, the nutritional regime of athletes should be rich in carbohydrates , vegetables and hydration It is essential in their training: "This must provide the necessary salts so that the body recovers immediately."

Boullosa, clarifies that the nutritional work carried out with each group of national teams can not be generalized, since each body is different, so he called, so that coaches do not "pretend" that all players are super thin or have the body very marked, because the genetics of each person is different.

"The key is to raise the amount of muscle mass , because that's what gives strength and energy to an athlete and sometimes do not look so thin, but it's pure muscle, that's what really matters to us. "

In order to have this precise information, the National Selections Nutrition Coordinator says that basic anthropometric tests (the body's constitution and measurements are known, through the taking of folds, radial circumference, waist-hip index, weight, height, etc.) and based on that, it is determined how much fat it has and a plan is designed nutritional

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